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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another Phantom scooter post...

Actually, I haven't made a scooter post in quite a long while and I suppose that's a result of the scooter soldiering along without any apparent resentment to that oversized interloper of a Suzuki that it has been forced to share its parking space with. Its been fine really though I've been kind of slow this spring in getting it ridden regularly. It does have a small intake manifold leak that disrupts its perfect operation and the intake manifold rubber boot is cracking, so I've ordered a replacement just this morning. But its rideable until the new one arrives and then I'll just take it apart once. Last weekend I removed the 2nd failed vacuum operated fuel shutoff valve and I replaced it with a lawnmower 1/4 turn shut off valve.

Everything was great, actually, until lunch time just a few minutes ago. I was on my way to the credit union and just as I pulled away from a stop sign, the muffler fell off! Fell right off- departed the vehicle, so to speak! I was already on my way across the intersection so I had to cross, park and go back for my left-behind parts. Which was hot, BTW. Good thing I had my gloves. Anyway, one of the two muffler attach mounts on the swingarm broke off at the weld, which upon inspection had been mostly cracked through for quite some time. One end of the muffler bracket that attaches to the other mount point also broke off. I was able, after it cooled a little bit, to get the muffler bungee corded to my luggage rack and continue on my way.

But what a racket it makes with nothing but the header pipe diverting the exhaust gasses! Yowser its loud! If you've ever been around Triumph or BSA flattracker motorcycles, you'll have some idea about the tone and volume of this noisy beast. Its rather embarrassing for an old guy like me.

So, I think I have a 2nd muffler bracket in my box of spares. I hope I still have a spare. The swingarm and muffler attach point stub will require welding by somebody more competent than me and then everything should fit back together. I suppose getting it all patched up is going to take a day or so before I'm back on scooter wheels again.

Right now I'm just hoping I can sneak home today without drawing the ire of any local law enforcement types who think I need an excess noise ticket...

UPDATE: The scooter's fixed! I brought it home tonight and removed the swingarm and took it down to Darren's shop, Quad & Cycle. Darren and his mechanic did a great job of rewelding the broken off muffler mount. I brought it home, gave it a shot of paint and after dinner, put everything back together. I also installed a new spark plug, a fancy irridium tipped model that is supposed to be wonderful. But it was $9! Nine bucks for a spark plug? It better be wonderful!

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